Eagle Performance Series - Portable - i3612


12 AMPS 5.75"H x 8.50"W x 9.00"L 20 lbs. 36V


For assistance with selecting which Eagle Performance Series is the right unit for your application, please visit our Industry Market Guide to learn more. We also invite you to contact our sales department at 866-755-8399 for guidance or to answer any questions. Once you select the Eagle Performance Series product that is right for you, please be sure to visit the Eagle Connector section of the store to add the specific connector you need for your unit to your shopping cart. 


Performance, Endurance & Reliability

Utilizing Pro Charging System's exclusive DeltaVolt technology, our Eagle Performance, Professional and Sportsman Series line of chargers can substantially enhance the performance of batteries by intuitively charging batteries to optimal charge levels consistent with battery manufacturer recomendations. The result is longer time in-service between charges and longer battery life.


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Pro Charging Systems battery chargers are the preferred choice of many battery manufacturers. The reason is simple. PCS chargers meet or exceed their recommendations and keep their batteries performing better over time.


Pro Charging Systems Delivers The Solution to Better Battery Performance

One of the keys to developing the best battery performance is bringing batteries up to the proper specific gravity levels as recommended by battery manufacturers. Pro Charging Systems, LLC (PCS) manufactures the only chargers that wil consistently recharge batteries to a 100% level. By bringing a battery’s electrolyte to this charge level and in turn the proper specific gravity level, we significantly reduce sulfation, which is a primary cause of premature battery failure. Our charging profile results in over 25% more discharge time for the customer and much better service life. We provide a very fast recharge time, reaching absorption levels in virtually the same amount of time as our fastest competitors. We then take batteries to a “finishing” level while our competitors have already terminated their charge profile or ended in a float stage.


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Pro Charging System battery chargers sets the standard for our industry. Our quality, performance and service are unequaled in the industry. For many years, we have been the premier provider of industrial and marine battery chargers. Today, we continue to innovate and lead the way in battery charging technology. We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience at 866.755.8399 or at to learn more about Pro Charging Systems and the products we offer industrial customers. 


Our battery chargers are designed, engineered and built in America and they are built to last!


Eagle Performance Series Product Information Library


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Adobe PDF Document Eagle Performance - Portable Model Flyer
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Eagle Performance Series chargers are specially designed for use in the industrial and electric vehicle markets. With over 18 years of experience in manufacturing the legendary Dual ProTM charging systems, Pro Charging Systems chargers have become known as the name in charging technologies. We pride ourselves on the performance and versatility of our products and our outstanding customer service. We are proud that these safe, reliable, and efficient battery chargers are made in the USA.


Battery Charging System Designed for the Demands of Recreational and Industrial Use

• The ”Green” Charger: Totally “Repairable” Not a Throw-Away
• Unmatched Performance, Reliability, Safety and Quality
• TROUBLE FREE—Just Plug It In and Forget It!
• Join Over 750,000 of Our Satisfied Customers!
• Fully Automatic and Water Resistant


May be used in many types of sporting applications including: Golf Carts, Lift Trucks,
Scrubbers, Electric Utility Vehicles, Lawn Equipment, Industrial Signs...


Features of the Eagle Performance Series Portable Battery Chargers:


• For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries
• Easily reconfigured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries
• Battery type LED indicator
• Designed for tough duty applications
• Dependable, rugged construction
• Exclusive temperature compensation
• Water resistant
• Fully automatic with float maintenance
• Reverse polarity spark free operation
• Return to charge maintenance mode
• Exclusive on board diagnostics
• High visibility, easy to read charge indicators
• Fan cooled
• Optional “Universal” A/C input

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