About Us

Pro Charging Systems was founded in 1989 by John J. Brannon and his son Johnny Brannon after they recognized a significant need in the marketplace for a better way to charge deep cycle batteries.

As a former decorated United States Air Force pilot and Airlift Commander who flew missions in Vietnam, John J. Brannon had a very clear understanding of the importance of reliability and safety relative to systems and equipment. So, from the very start the objective was to build the highest quality and safest battery chargers possible for the purpose of recharging deep cycle batteries overnight.

Prior to the founding of Charging Systems International, John J. Brannon owned and managed the lead Fixed Base Operation (FBO) providing service and support to fixed wing aircraft and helicopters at Metro Nashville Airport. From that experience, in depth knowledge was gained in the area of more advanced technologies such as high end avionics. They carried this sophisticated knowledge and expertise over into the development of new charging systems. The company developed the first multiple output, waterproof on-board 12 volt battery charger that was the forerunner of the now famous Dual Pro battery charger that could deliver a charge to two separate batteries simultaneously.

Since the early days of the company, the organization realized a continuous string of successes attracting business relationships with many of the leading boat manufacturers and manufacturers of other equipment that had a need for sophisticated charging systems. At the same time, the company was developing a strong network of dealers to offer products on a retail basis to small businesses and individual clients across the United States and around the world.The company continued to develop more sophisticated and reliable charging systems through a process of continuous improvement. The company's success then and now is based on providing the best battery chargers in the industry along with a high level of service and product support.    

In 2007, to support additional growth and opportunity, Charging Systems International was acquired by a private investor group with deep experience further developing manufacturing businesses. The company became Pro Charging Systems, LLC. and is now ideally positioned to build upon its previous successes and has embarked upon substantial product development initiatives to enhance existing products and develop new products that are already coming to market in 2008.

Today, Pro Charging Systems, LLC provides products to many of the leading manufacturers in the world. The company continues to support and is committed to the same founding principles set forth by John J. Brannon of building the highest quality and safest battery chargers available on the market backed by superior service. In short, Pro Charging Systems is "the name in charging systems."

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